Case study - Hereford cathedral gates & railings


Working with project architect, Robert Kilgour, Barr & Grosvenor Ltd were contracted to assist with the design, fabrication and installation of replica cast iron railings and gates to the West entrance of Hereford Cathedral.

The design was based on historic photographs and all components were cast at our Wolverhampton foundry before being prepared as a kit of parts for assembly on site.  A local stonemasons provided the new copings and the railings were erected using traditional methods including the securing of the posts with caulked lead.

Barr & Grosvenor were also asked to supply a tactile bronze map for the Cathedral Close showing the city centre in three dimensions.  The map is designed for use by sighted and blind people as it has braille captions.  This proved to be a real challenge due to the problem of potential undercuts.